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Whatʼs Sherlockdoc?

Pile de livres

If you are a professional on audio-visual or a private person, Sherlockdoc can help you as much on documentary as historical matters :

- Answering to all your questioning and to your documentary needs

- Tracking the piece of information

- Drive out the data wherever they are


My mission is simple: to give you the documentation needed, whatever the nature or subject. Exhaustive enquiry or simple tracking, my aim is to give you the keys to conduct your projects.

Finding the good indication

You need to know where and how to investigate. Each documentary research and moreover historical researches, can rapidly becoming toilsome if they are not conducted rigorously and mainly with methodology. It’s important to know which work needs to be consulted in a first place. Above all my mission is to give you back clearer and more accessible informations.

To speed up proceedings

To go to the library, watching videos or simply to get in touch with specialists are irksome and long requests. This is the reason why Sherlockdoc is here to provide this availability (service) for your enquiries.