Sherlock Doc, documentaliste cinema, recherches historiques, travail documentaire

pile de livres
Sherlockdoc goes all the details with a magnifying glass to find the answers !


History, arts, science, sport, decoration, everyday life... each theme can be studied.

Each sources : writing, iconographic or sounds works are at your disposal to satisfy your demand. From the manuscripts of the Archives Nationales to the illustrations of an Ikea catalogue, passing-by an extract of INA’s archive (French National Audiovisual Institute), all the means are studied.

If your are looking for Palace of Versailles 1715’s illustrations or the front page of the newspaper Le Monde of the 8th of May 1945, don’t worry... Sherlockdoc will take care of the documents shadowing.

How ?

The service proposed can be more or less detailed depends on your requests.
It can be drawing up a brief biography, reproducing a story or being focused on very precise matters.
Mozart’s biography, History and evolution of London’s town planning or illustrations of license plate in the 60’s, every projects can be reachable.